Tuesday, March 30, 2010



sekadar selingan..belum tiba lg pon di kelas brilliant aulad tema 'Air'..tp ade junior sama seperjuangan (Lea) di IPG bertanya..

Kebetulan mencari bahan untuk tema "Emosi Diri" saya sempat menjengah tema water..have a look at these sites k, friends :

  1. Bath Time & Soap Craft (this theme related to water coz we use water when bath time rite?he..)
  2. Water theme lesson plan
  3. My Favorite during my practicum would be "Bubbles Time"!!yup enjoy playing with bubbles and it involves water!
  4. My friends; mustakim and budiman once make submarines for their assignment..i think this site would help .."click here"
  5. Check out my older post : "hujan dah turun"
That's all that i could find..hope this would help u, Lea!