Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kemudahan Awam + Institusi Awam

Salam Aleik to all readers!

Feel free to grab all these not-so-cool flash card yet so useful that i made for 'Kemudahan Awam' and 'Institusi Awam' theme..i combined these two theme because of the similarities..(actually i dont really know the differences..heee)..Dont worry, they are all FREE!!(all the flash cards r in Malay, soon to be in English, i hope)

enjoy the flash cards!

english version in d house..

 right click and open in a new tab or open in a new window k!


cikgu ainura said...

salam cikgu ain.. sy amik gmbr2 yg cikgu buat... thkz cikgu sbb share benda2 nie... :) semoga apa yg cikgu share ni, dapat mmbantu murid2 prasekolah